17th – 30th August 2021

Hasan ‘Alsatoor’ Dhamish (1955 – 2016)

Resistance, Rebellion, Revolution


Sherif Dhaimish &
Hanna Dhaimish


Hoxton 253
London, N1 5LG

Supported by

Pendle Press
Arts Council England

Resistance, Rebellion, Revolution is a ruminative reflection on contemporary Libya through the lens of the artist’s work.

As a satirist who lived in exile for most of his life, Hasan watched his home from afar and voiced an opinion through cartoons for four decades, under the pseudonym, Alsatoor (The Cleaver).

But there was more to his artistry than satire. Much of Hasan’s work was rooted in the culture he absorbed whilst living in Brierfield, a post-industrial town in Lancashire, northwest England.

From portraits of blues and jazz artists, to abstract scenes of African warriors and old street scenes of Libya, Hasan’s work is an expression of his life as an exiled human.



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