18th – 23rd February

Resistance, Rebellion & Revolution

Opening Night

17th February 2022 | 6pm – 9pm

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Sherif Dhaimish &
Hanna Dhaimish


Left Bank Leeds
Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1LJ

Opening Times

9am – 5pm weekdays
11am – 4pm weekends

About the Exhibition

Coinciding with the eleventh anniversary of the Libyan revolution, this exhibition at Left Bank Leeds draws upon Hasan Dhaimish’s life in exile in the UK along with the anti-Gaddafi, pro-human rights satire he produced over four decades, and a series of artworks.

This is the first time Hasan Dhaimish’s work has been on show in Leeds, Yorkshire. The show features an installation of Alsatoor’s satire, beginning with works produced in underground newsletters in the early 1980s up to the digital murals he published during and after the Libyan revolution.

Also on display are a series of artworks. Hasan’s real creative flare took place in a parallel universe to that of politics. His inspiration was shaped by his musical taste – his days as a kid in Benghazi recording soul on his reel-to-reel, to the days of listening to reggae and dub through West Yorkshire’s earth-shattering soundsystems, onto hiphop until he discovered jazz and the Delta blues. This part of the exhibition entwines art and exile, and studies how Hasan expressed himself away from the political realm.

Funky Sixteen Corners – 2009 – Mixed on canvas

Some Velvet Morning – 2008 – Ink on paper